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15-year-old RAPED & FILMED by two 13 year old boys, only get 6 Months Probation

15-year-old RAPED & FILMED by two 13 year old boys, only get 6 Months Probation

A young girl of just 15 years old got raped by unbelievable two 13-year-old boys in Clarksville. The boys raped her and filmed her while doing the horrible act.

Now, the boys have admitted their crime but will serve only six months probation.

Unsatisfied with the justice, the victim’s family, and a state representative are involved to ensure that the victim gets appropriate justice.

She was allegedly grabbed by two boys, younger than her at a house, raped her, and then filmed it. The victim, after going through such an awful time, gather guts to share her story through a local media in an attempt to raise awareness so that there wouldn’t be any more victims like her.

The victims were one who got traumatized more. They wouldn’t like to believe as most of the parents want to, not watching their kid being sexually victimized. But after the event, they stood by the girl and aimed for justice.

15-year-old RAPED & FILMED by two 13 year old boys, only get 6 Months Probation

The parents claimed that the police did extraordinary work to find the culprit. The Police Department started an investigation and discovered a video in which she was immorally raped. They arrested the accused suspect and then brought them to court. The parents were relieved that their little girl would be getting an expected justice.

All expectations shattered after hearing a court decision. The father was remorseful and annoyed with the law because it couldn’t give her daughter a proper justice. According to law, the accused are juvenile and under the age of 14, and there’s no harsh punishment waiting for them. Under the Juvenile Reform Act, one will suffer six months probation at home while others will serve six months in juvenile detention because the other kid had a past criminal record.

The suspects were also not categorized as sex offenders.

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