Is Hailey Tilford pregnant with Matthew’s baby?

Hailey Tilford, aka Hailey 2, sent her fans into a frenzy after what she posted on Instagram looked like a baby bump. The 16-year-old social media personality posted a photo with Matthew Blevins and showed off her baby bump. The two began dating this year in April, which has even made it to Matthew’s Instagram bio as the heart and lock emoji. She met Matthew Blevins in late 2017 after he was released from prison. However, he refrains from revealing why he was in jail due to privacy.


Apparently, Matthew saw Hailey in the background while video calling with a mutual friend, and he eventually stalked her on social media links. After persistent sliding into Hailey’s DMs for roughly about six weeks, she finally gave in, and the two met up in person for the first time. They began dating a week later, starting a complicated relationship that was off and on (and off) for the next couple of years.



Interestingly, Hailey’s Pinterest page included lots of images that clearly seem to indicate that she is pregnant and looks like she is planning a birth announcement, as well as gender, reveals in the near future. Her fans are quite smart detectives. Also, the birth announcement images include more than one Halloween-themed ideas. So, it is possible that the announcement could happen real soon.



The pins from the screencaps are no longer available on Hailey’s Pinterest page because she has reportedly made them private. Still, sources can confirm through Google cache that she did create a “Gender Reveal” board on September 24. Moreover, the gallery of screen-capped images includes some wedding photo pins in which the bride is pregnant. It looks like fans could get a double whammy of an announcement – a wedding and a gender reveal together. This recently posted photo definitely made the rumors confirmed.