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School Boy Beaten to DEATH By Bullies & the School Faculty did NOTHING to stop them

School Boy Beaten to DEATH By Bullies & the School Faculty did NOTHING to stop them

A 13-year-old was the victim of a vicious attack of the bullies that eventually led to his death in California. The recent reports claimed that the victim previously told the school authority about the bullies, but school management didn’t take any step regarding that. They could have saved the young boy’s life.

His classmates constantly bullied the 13-year-old Diego Stolz. The deceased boy approached the school administration to report the ill behavior of some nasty classmates. He, his close friends, and family were assured that the school management would eventually provide justice and resolution, and they were confident of the fact.

But disastrously, the 13-year-old lost his life after the bullies battered him savagely to death.

Now the victim’s family are planning to file wrongful death litigation against the school administration for neglecting and ignoring the help asked from one of their students to stop such gruesome act like bullying. The family also has accused the Moreno Valley Unified School District of not responding to the help.

School Boy Beaten to DEATH By Bullies & the School Faculty did NOTHING to stop them

Dave Ring, the family attorney’s believed that the family could watch their son play and grow if the school had appropriately taken action against the bullies.

The bullies started to bully Diego for no appropriate reason since seventh grade. Those bullies, both 13 years old, have been now charged with manslaughter and assault, causing heavy bodily injury.

The lawsuit claimed that Diego Stolz went to Landmark Middle School’s vice principal to report the bullying by two of his classmates. The VP reportedly told him to go home and promised that the boys would be suspended for three days starting from Monday. But, when Diego went Monday to the school, he saw the bullies at his class waiting for him. During lunch interval that day, the bullies mercilessly thrashed Diego. Video of the attack showed Diego, being hit to the wall. He died nine days after the vicious attack.

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