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BEST DAD: Man Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome, Rejected by 20 Families

BEST DAD: Man Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome after Rejected by 20 Families

The little girl with down syndrome got rejected by more than 20 families, but what more heartbreaking was that her mother was the first person to abandon her.

She had this disease with her, so most of the households didn’t wish to adopt her, realizing she needs special care to grow. But by the god’s grace, there was this person named Luca Trapanese who was ready to care for the little girl no matter what she was suffering from. Luca adopted this little girl when she was just 13 days old, and now he has been with her for two years, and their bonds looked unbreakable. Amazing!

The 42-year-old claimed that he didn’t care about the disabilities with the girl; he just desperately wanted to be a dad and show his love affection, and love to another body. But adopting a child for single, homosexual, 40-year-old wasn’t easy. The law in Italy is conservative when it comes down to the adoption of single parents. Moreover, it was very recent that adopting single parents made it easier.

BEST DAD: Man Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome after Rejected by 20 Families

The father mentioned that the agencies in Italy only looked for traditional families for granting the adoption. He was told at that time that he could only adopt ill and disabled children who were rejected by the traditional families.

He was ready to adopt the child as he was desperate to be a dad. He stayed and cared for his friend until the very end when his best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Trapanese was also actively involved in social institutions that looked after people with trouble and disabilities.

Now the girl is 2-year-old, a blonde toddles with the happiness of all around that any kid could dream about. Most of all, she has a daddy who is always there for her.

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