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Psychopath Cannibal RAPED Woman’s Corpse & ATE her Legs With Pasta, Woman’s Head was Never Found

Psychopath Cannibal RAPED Woman's Corpse & ATE her Legs With Pasta, Woman's Head was Never Found

Recently a retired police officer shared the awful and distressing murder case he had ever worked on, and the story is dreadful and nasty.

Former Darlington officer David Davies revealed that a woman was murdered by a cannibal killer, decapitated her, and ate her legs with pasta in his apartment.

The officer knew this chilling incident after he and his team discovered a decapitated body while on searching a missing person back in 1998. The police officer told that the body was of woman and mother named Julie Paterson. Julie was the mother of her four children. The murderer did such an insane activity to her after he lured her into his apartment.

The psychopath and cannibal David Harker knew that Julie was a troubled mother herself and found an opportunity to lure her in his flat, which he did. Harker, after welcoming Julie in his home, mercilessly murdered the mother and then had sex with her corpse. After satisfying his sex thirst, he insanely cut the mother’s legs and thighs. He then ate those legs with the pasta. Horrible!

David, the officer at that time, was investigating the missing person case of other people. David told that the police department at that time was reported that the woman suffered from depression. Her brother told them that his sister was always a happy woman and had a relationship with a man named Alan Taylor. But her life took fall after she started having depression and began to disappear herself for days. But in the end, she always returned to her family-to her children.Psychopath Cannibal RAPED Woman's Corpse & ATE her Legs With Pasta, Woman's Head was Never Found

When David’s dog found the body parts dumped in a bin bag, they started their investigation. They found out that Harker met Julie in the pub and made an impression on her. She went to visit him at his flat. They had sex, but later, he killed Julie and took to the basement store there for weeks and cut various parts of her body.Psychopath Cannibal RAPED Woman's Corpse & ATE her Legs With Pasta, Woman's Head was Never Found

Harker is behind bars now, but the remains of Julie’s body parts, especially the head, have never been found. The police went to Harker’s bloodied flat, but there were no signs of other body parts.

Micheal, Julie’s brother, claimed that the incident is still affecting his and two other family’s lives. He still wishes to know the location of her sister’s head, but he knows the psychopath wouldn’t reveal but will enjoy seeing this.

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