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RECKLESS Driver who RAN OVER Man & his 4 daughters, won’t FACE PRISON TIME, Just Probation

RECKLESS Driver who RAN OVER Man & his 4 daughters, won't FACE PRISON TIME, Just Probation

The Maryland man who bumped into a New Jersey man, his four daughters, and their mother apparently killing them except the mother who got seriously injured wouldn’t spend the prison time.

The incident happened last year when the family was heading towards their home in Teaneck. The family was at Townsend, northern Delaware, following their fourth of July vacation at Ocean City, Md. When they were at Route 1, the man in his pick up truck crossed the median and went up straight to smash the family.

Alvin Hubbard III was behind the wheels when the family collapsed. He admitted that his negligence and lack of appropriate attention while driving lead to an accident. He seemed remorseful. When he was arrested back in November 2018, he didn’t plead guilty of five charges counted upon him, including vehicular homicide and assault. Later he changed his mind and pleaded guilty to the felony.

RECKLESS Driver who RAN OVER Man & his 4 daughters, won't FACE PRISON TIME, Just Probation

Lucky Hubbard, the prosecutors on Friday, concluded the court time by sentencing Hubbard just one year in probation. If he doesn’t satisfy the one-year probation, he would then spend 14 years at most of his life in the prison cell.

The 53-year-old survived widow, and mother, Mary Rose Ballocanag, wasn’t happy with the hearing. She told the local reporter that she again felt her family was killed one more time. The mother had wished the culprit would get more number of years behind the bar, but Judge Calvin L. Scott didn’t want that way.

The suspect had been diagnosed with pulmonary disease, COPD, and his attorney mentioned in the court that the consequences of his underlying diseases cause him to pass out while driving, and that resulted in the fatal incidents.

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