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CREEPY Drug Dealer KIDNAPPED & RAPED a 13 year old teen he MET ONLINE

CREEPY Drug Dealer KIDNAPPED & RAPED a 13 year old teen he MET ONLINE

A young girl was first kidnapped and then raped by a 19-year-old man whom she met through online.

The 19-year-old suspect is reportedly a local drug dealer who approached this girl through Facebook. Brooklyn Rider sent a friend request to the victim on her Facebook back in July. The girl accepted the Rider’s request, and they started to share texts. They get along together online, and one day, Rider told the girl that he loved her. For the fact, the drug dealer had never met her in person.

The girl told her she was 13, but Rider convinced her he loved her madly. They decided to meet each other on July 12, which they did. The girl reportedly told her mother that she was at her friend’s house.

CREEPY Drug Dealer KIDNAPPED & RAPED a 13 year old teen he MET ONLINE

After the pair meet, they tried to check into the hotel at midday in Gloucester. They weren’t allowed to check-in, and they got another room sometime after three hours. They were in that room, which was connected to the drug-dealing ring; Rider was engaged in.

They had sexual intercourse multiple times until Sunday when her mum tried to reach her. The court reported that two police officers found the pair on July 16, Tuesday. The rider was arrested then.

The rider had a history with such kind of stuff. Back when he was 13, he touched six-year-old without her will and was convicted then. The victim’s mother claimed that Rider took away her innocence and made her awful.

The court claimed that the drug dealer wasn’t developed much since 13. The judge sentenced him seven and a half years to spend life in prison. Furthermore, he is prohibited from making any female companion under the age of 16 for ten years.

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