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1-month old Baby Girl ACCIDENTALLY DIED in Man HANDS when he SLEPT while Feeding Her

4 days ago

A one-month-old sorrowfully died in the arms of her mother’s boyfriend, when he grabbed her to feed the toddler. The boyfriend fell asleep while he was feeding the baby, and wake up to discover the unresponsive little girl.

The incident was dated back on July 13, 2018, but the incident surfaced recently after an investigation was landed. The boyfriend identified as Ben Price held the baby, Lyla-Rae Ayres, from her Moses basket with a motive to feed her that day.

While Mr. Price was feeding, he unexpectedly fell asleep, and when he woke from his nap, there was a disaster to follow. The baby deliberately lost her consciousness and eventually died. The baby was happy, and no kind up physical troubles was done to her, but she had suffered from thrush in her mouth.

Lyla-Rae Ayre’s mother, Shannon Maund, lived with her boyfriend and his son in her mother’s three-bedroom house in Bideford, Devon. Shannon Maund and Ben Price met each other through the Internet. Shannon Maund was pregnant while she was dating with the man. Price, along with his son, came to live with them in July 2018. They shared the apartment with her mother and five siblings and were looking for a rental house.

The medical practitioners who were involved in the Lyla case couldn’t determine what exactly triggered the baby’s death. But they believed that she died because of sudden suffocation. The inquest at Exexter Coroners’ Court also claimed that the couple was frequent smokers, but they hadn’t smoked while the baby died; instead,  they were smoking cannabis the evening before the accident.

The police confirmed that there was not sufficient evidence to look as murder and or even neglect. The couple received just a warning after the baby’s death.

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