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13-year-old COLD BLOODED KILLER Escape Cops after KILLING 2 People in North Carolina

13-year-old COLD BLOOD KILLER Escape Cops after KILLING 2 People in North Carolina

A 13-year-old boy who was charged with two murders escaped from the officers who were holding him at the court in Lumberton.

The boy ran off from the Department of Social Services building on Tuesday. The court cases involving a juvenile are heard on that building in Lumberton.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office reported that the kid was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and an apparent robbery. The office further said that the boy was in possession of a dangerous weapon and also faced charged due to that too.

The 13-year-old boy identified as Jericho W. made the police department and even other several law enforcement agencies, including US Marshals. Other than the murder, the boy had a history of unexpected behavior that led to assault consequences to the third person. The boy was even tailed by air, through helicopters after the state Department of Public Safety declared high alert regarding the safety of both suspect and the general public.

13-year-old COLD BLOOD KILLER Escapes from Cops after KILLING 2 People in North Carolina

The suspect reportedly appeared in the court on Tuesday with leg restraints and no shoes. The department didn’t release the details about how the boy escaped from the authorities. The state department legally prevents to share the details about the charges and escape plot because the suspect is a juvenile. While in certain cases, if the suspect escapes, the state department is obliged to share the first name of the suspect.

A recent update in the story claimed that the boy had been confronted by the authorities, and now he is again under custody. If he hadn’t escaped, he was going to be transferred to a juvenile facility on Wednesday night in the state of North Carolina.

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