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Crazy Man BEHEADED His Wife, SLIT his BABY girl’s Throat & HANGED Himself in Double Murder Suicide in New York

Crazy Man BEHEADED His Wife, SLIT his BABY girl's Throat & HANGED Himself in Double Murder Suicide in New York

In a chilling incident from New York, a man decapitated his wife, then placed her head in her lap before slitting their five-year-old daughter’s throat and hanging himself to death.

This sickening act was performed by the 46-year-old man identified as Yonathan Tedla. He was responsible for this gruesome murder that killed himself, as well his 42-year-old wife Jennifer Schlecht and their five-year-old daughter, Abaynesh Schlecht Tedla.

The dead bodies were discovered by the New York Police Department, who arrived at an apartment at 151 West 121st Street in the Harlem section of Manhattan for a welfare check requested through 911 call at around 9.18 pm.

┬áThe victim’s 74-year-old father, Kenneth Schlecht, reported that his daughter was trying to get a protection order after she was threatened by Yonathan. He further added that his daughter and son-in-law were having trouble in their marriage. His daughter wanted to file a divorce against the husband for his unlikely behaviors. On the other hand, the husband allegedly threatened to kill them if she would hand him divorce paper.

The NYPD reported that the mother was found in the bathroom, whereas the father and the daughter were discovered in two separate bedrooms. They told that both mother and daughter were targeted in their neck. The mother was beheaded completely while the throat-slitting was so deep that it partially beheaded her. The police were shocked to witness the mother’s head resting in her lap.

Police also revealed that it was Schlecht’s brother who inquired about the well being of his sister after she failed to receive a call from her brother. The police aren’t sure about the exact time of the double-murder and suicide.

Jennifer Schlecht actively participated in humanitarian work that focused on woman safety and was continually raising awareness to bring down the problems faced by women all around. She had devoted her life to advocating safety related to women and girls.

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