Creepy: Rapper T.I. Regularly CHECKS His Daughter VIRGINITY by Taking her to Gynecologist Every Year

T.I Fans ANGRY after revealing He FORCED his daughter do VIRGINITY Test every year

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., aka TI, recently revealed that he, along with his daughter, visits gynecologist every year to acknowledge the fact that she is still a virgin.

The rapper and Trap Muzik hit-maker attended Ladies Like Us podcast and revealed the fans about this shocking truth. The distraught father admitted that his daughter Deyjah Harris’s hymen is still intact. He told that he accompanied his daughter to confirm her hymen isn’t broken after her 18th birthday too.

The Marvel Studios’ Antman star has now received a lot of backlash from the fans all around for his hymen comments. Fans were fuming at his horrible comments, and they lashed out the irony that TI’s most of the songs are filled with sex only.

The hosts Nadia Moham and Nazanin Mandi from the podcast were also shocked and believed that he was joking. But the 39-year-old started giving the details about their yearly trip to the gynecologist.

Deyjah Harris is now 18 years old and has graduated from high school. He further said that he entrapped Harris to share the patient information with them from the doctors. He admitted that doctors maintained a high level of professionalism and didn’t provide him the information. He then used to wheedle Harris and made doctors believing that the patient had full consent in sharing the details.

The Rubber Band Man singer is blamed for encouraging men to be vultures. But amazingly, his 15-year-old son, King, is quite the opposite- sexually active.

The episode from Ladies Like Us podcast has been removed from the major platforms, and the hosts took the Instagram to apologies for the episode. Fans are upset and disgusted with T.I. Possessive behavior and have asked Deyjah Harris to speak for herself. For which Harris has just replied; i loveeeeeee yalllllll

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