Meghan Markle gets caught in an AWKWARD hug moment with a visitor

Meghan Markle is definitely one of the most controversial Duchesses of the royal family of the United Kingdom until now. She has been a Relatively different and Unique the chest in the demeanor that she has acknowledged over the years. Meghan Markle has been known to twist and turn the Royal proceedings and cultures, which have drawn many controversies to our name. The most recent of the controversies started when she was giving birth to her son, but decided to conceal his identity from the world. Then the spirit with her father and finally a controversial African to as all mean denting the image of Meghan Market as the duchess.


No, Megan Market has become the epicenter of yet another controversial. The event recently, Meghan Markle moves to attend a public function where she was being treated by many of the visitors. One of the visitors was an acquaintance of the duchess. The events Organiser, Kate Robertsoncome and had offered a greeting as per the regulations of the Royal Family.


Courtesy- People

Despite proper protocol being followed, Meghan Marvel went out of the way and made the meeting an awkwardly informal by turning the Formal greeting into a hug, which lasted for some time and was not appropriate in the eyes of many of the royal experts. The Royal experts say that whatever the visitor had done was appropriate and was as per the royal family guidelines. But what Meghan Markle did was not as per the guidelines and was just a case of bad timing.



Experts believe that there has been a reason why Royal guidelines are being laid down whenever any civilian has to meet a royal family member. If the civilian does not follow the rules, there can be an action which is taken against the civilian. And but in order to reinforce these guidelines, the support of the royal family member itself is also required, which Meghan was unable to provide.