A racist man at Popeyes gets beaten up and forced to apologize after he uses the N word for a customer

People these days do all sorts of unjustified and bizarre things without a reason or a logical explanation. We live in a free world, but racism still perseveres in the social. The society is filled with some people who have a very backward and disgusting mentality.

Just a few days ago, a crazy middle-aged man started shouting at another customer at Popeyes. The racist white man was seen shouting the F word followed by the N-word on a video that was uploaded on YouTube.

The man starts shouting at a customer and starts racially abusing him for absolutely no reason at all. In the video, the man can be seen yelling some pretty unspeakable words and walking out the restaurant through a crowd of black people, carrying his chicken in his hand. The man can be seen leaving the restaurant without any remorse about what he did.

In a video that was uploaded later, it can be seen that the racist white man is being beaten up and forced to apologize to the customer to whom he abused. The man can be seen sitting on a concrete as a man is holding him by his white shirt and asking him to apologize.

A black man can be seen yelling, ” Who you calling an n….r” before punching him right on his face. A Popeye employee can be seen trying to stop the beating, but it did not help at all.

In between all this commotion, the racist white man was asked to give up his chicken sandwich. Well…….I guess the chicken sandwich was a fair price to compensate for all the racist man had done, (Just kidding). The crazy racist man was then allowed to leave with a hungry stomach after he’d been beaten up and lost his chicken sandwich.