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Man who LOST his Hand TRAINED HARD to become the Best SHOOTER in the World ‘THE MAN WITH ONLY HAND’

Sergeant who LOST his Hand TRAINED HARD to become the Best SHOOTER in the World 'THE MAN WITH ONLY HAND'

Great heroes have their own exceptional stories behind them. Today, the story is about KAROLY TAKACS, A HUNGARIAN, a world-class shooter, Can be crowned as” the man with an only hand.”

The anecdote began with a dissatisfaction when Karoly was rejected from taking part in the Olympic rifle shooting competition in 1936, as he was a sergeant, and only commissioned officers were allowed. By 1938, he becomes a renowned world-class shooter, by practicing day and night. Everything was going well until the real curse happened in his life. He was in the army, in 1938 when everyone almost knew that he would take the gold in 40’s Olympic, his right hand was severely injured as a grenade had exploded in his right hand. Everything would have finished then; the doctor told that he could not perform shooting with his right hand.

But he was Karoly Takacs; he was among the great heroes of the olympian. He told the doctors and everyone that he would train his left hand immensely, to make his only hand a world-class shooting hand. He did accordingly, and then in 1939, the national championship was held in Hungary, and he finally won the gold with his only hand. The other competitors thought he came to motivate other players, but then he declared that he came to compete with them. Everyone was fighting with their best shooting hand, whereas Karoly was struggling with his only hand, his left hand.Sergeant who LOST his Hand TRAINED HARD to become the Best SHOOTER in the World 'THE MAN WITH ONLY HAND'

After winning the national championship, he gave his all focus to 1940’s Olympic, but unfortunately, it was canceled due to the wold war. Then he gave his all attention to 1944’s Olympic, but again, it was canceled by the committee due to world war. He was patient, calm, and shifted his all focus to 1948’s Olympic. He was 28 when he won the national championship, and in 1948’s Olympic, he became 38 years by age.

It was an ultimate ten years gap, it really becomes tough to compete with upcoming young talent, but he made it possible. He fights with his only hand and won the gold medal in 48’s Olympic in a rifle shooting competition. He had already set history in front of the whole world as he had competed with his only hand, his left hand, and everyone had fought with their best side.

After winning the gold in 48’s Olympic, he set his mind to win the gold again in 58’s Olympic. He trained accordingly for four years with all determination, and finally, he had established a significant world record after winning two consecutive gold medals in the Olympic in rifle shooting event in 1948 and 1952.

He set a vital world record, a history in front of the whole world. He won the gold medal in two consecutive Olympics with his only hand. He is later crowned as the ‘great heroes of the Olympic’ by the committee.