“Stranger things” season 4, premiere title out!!!

Stranger things season four was announced at the end of September. The short teaser hinted at a departure from Hawkins, Indiana, but the upside-down was still very much present.

Recently, stranger things the day was celebrated on 6 November, the day on which Will Byers disappeared in the first season of the Netflix series.

First episode:

The premiere episode of the fourth season is called “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.”

The Hellfire Club refers to several exclusive clubs that were established by upper-class citizens in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. They were said to be meeting places for “persons of quality” who wanted to partake in individual non-specific “immoral acts.”

In context to Stranger things, the first episode could merely be introducing a group of wealthy individuals who have been pulling strings behind the exploration and experiments involving the Upside down.

The Hellfire Club also refers to a society of mutants in Marvel comics who are at odds with the superhero teams known as the X-Men. The club is portrayed as being an organization for wealthy elites to assemble. Still, their inner circle is always trying to influence world events with their own agenda, not unlike members of high society who were part of the historical Hellfire Club.

The episode title might also not be a nod to anything specific about the plot. It could be stranger things way of acknowledging the influence that X-Men stories might have on the upcoming season’s overall vibe.


The revealed epilogue seemed to indicate that the kids in strangers things may have smaller roles in season four. So, they may or may not clash with this potentially introduced group.

The first three seasons of stranger things are currently streaming on Netflix, along with newly arrived content. Since the production won’t wrap up until the summer of 2020, we might not see the show return until 2021.