When is Robert Pattinson’s Batman Coming to Theaters. Can it outshine Christopher Nolan’s Batman?

When is Robert Pattinson's Batman Coming to Theaters. Can it outshine Christopher Nolan's Batman

What have you done, Warner Bros.?

So we are close, maybe this is time to say goodbye to Ben Affleck as a Gotham City Vigilante. Okay, The threat is real, and it seemed that it just flew over the Batman fans. The world burst into frustration on Thursday when the news of new Batman signings circulated. Multiple reports hint that Robert Pattinson, yeah, the same guy from Twilight Saga who plays Edward is going to be one under the bat hood. But the fans don’t want this to happen.

Fans all around made exasperating tweets mainly targeting Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves. Few fans questioned Warner Bros that if they know what they are doing or not. Another said WB hates its fans. Others said it was disgraceful. Many were disappointed in the casting, and the only word outburst was “awful.”

The Batman is scheduled to begin pre-production at some point this midyear.   Warner Bros. declined to remark on the news of Pattinson being cast. The studio presently can’t seem to set an official outset date for The Batman; however, insiders have expressed that it could go before cameras either later this year or right on time straightaway.

When is Robert Pattinson's Batman Coming to Theaters. Can it outshine Christopher Nolan's Batman

Matt Reeves, on June 3rd, took on Twitter to make an overwhelming post. He posted a picture of Robert Pattinson giving a dreadful look and three bat emojis on top. SO this means yeah, we’ve got our man as The Batman.

Warner Bros. claimed they wouldn’t mind Reeves giving how much time he needs to make The Batman as impeccable as could reasonably be expected. The Batman is something not at all like anything Pattinson has done in his vocation so far, and that is something to be thankful for. This gives the entertainer, whose most essential film job will probably dependably go before him, an opportunity to indicate a large number of individuals who haven’t stayed aware of his post-Twilight work that he’s something beyond That Dude Who Played That Vampire for Four Years.

So if he will be cruising, there’s a lot to dedicate for; the Batman will come on June 25, 2021.

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