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Crazy insecure husband in New York murdered wife because she had a crush on a celeb

3 weeks ago

Dineshwar Budhidat murdered his wife because she had a crush on Hritik Roshan. The 33-year-old killed his wife by stabbing his 26-year-old wife Donne Doljoy with a knife. He left her body in the building and hung himself later that day.

This is perhaps one of the most strange and bizarre reasons to commit homicide. This shows that we should stay away from insecure people who can’t give space to others.

One of the colleagues of Donne gave a statement saying, ” She said to me that whenever she was at the house watching a movie hearing a song with Hritik Roshan in it, her husband would order her to take it off because he would get so insecure.”

Another friend of Dineshwar said, ” I believe that he loved her, but at the identical time, he was obsessed with her, because of the type of job she did, and she had a good body. She looked great; she always made her money, so he was probably jealous of her”.

Donna was a bartender at a bar. The last evening when she was alive, she told a chef at the lounge that she was going to chill at with Budhidat at their old Ozone Park apartment.

It is not clear what happened between Donna and Dineshwar that could trigger a fight so severe that he would be compelled to stab her to death. After killing his wife, Dineshwar dropped a text to her sister, telling her that he had killed his wife. Later on, he hanged himself in a nearby field.

Some colleagues and friends reported that Dineshwar would often threaten his wife to kill her, but she never took his threats seriously. Dineshwar felt insecure that his wife had a crush on a famous Bollywood celebrity, which somehow prompted him to kill his wife.

Shubhankar Ghoshal Roy