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Monster Mother caught on cam brutally hitting her son with a belt

3 weeks ago

A mother brutally beat up her seven-year-old child with a belt in school. The video of her physically abusing her child at the cafeteria of Homer Drive Elementary School went viral these weeks. The seven-year-old boy was dragged by his shirt and was forced to apologize to a teacher by his mother. She threatened the boy by saying, “I’ll break your f… face” and was a victim of other verbal and physical abuse.

Apparently, the child had some behavioral issues with the teacher and was misbehaving with his teacher. The teacher informed his mother about her child’s improper behavior in school. After hearing what her child did, the mother decided to beat up the poor boy in Infront of the whole school.

During the time of the incident, someone made a video online and posted it on social media. After the video reached the CPS (Child Protective Services), they presented the matter in court. An associate judge has signed the removal of the child from his mother along with his four siblings ranging from the age of 1 to 12 years. Randi A. King, the chief prosecutor in the family law division of Jefferson County District attorney’s office, said the hearing would take place on either November 19 or November 21 for further disposition. Shari Pulliam, a spokesperson of Child Protective Services, ensured the removal of the children for their safety.

As visible in the video, no one interfered while the evil mother was physically, mentally, and psychologically scarring her child. The principal of Homer Drive Elementary, Dr. Belinda Richardson-George, wrote a post on Facebook saying, “We do not condone this type of behavior from our parents, teachers, and/or scholars. This matter is under investigation.”

It is really a pity that a child has to go through such trauma and painful scars that will have a significant adverse effect on the growth of the child. Hopefully, the mother of the child will lose custody of her children and be punished for her actions.

Shubhankar Ghoshal Roy