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Johnny Depp’s Fans Filed Petition To Shun Out “Amber Heard” From “Aquaman 2” Due To The Alleged Abuses Done By Her!!!


John Christopher Depp, also known as John Depp, is an American actor, producer, and musician. He was nominated for ten Golden Globe awards and won one for Best Actor for his performance in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet-street.”  He was also nominated for three academy awards for the best actor.

Image Source: Vulture.
Image Source: Vulture.

Depp’s wife, Amber Heard and Depp are fighting the battle of divorce where they have accused each other of physical abuse. The actress filed a case against the actor and accused him of stating that he verbally and physically abused her. But, Depp denied it and instead stated that she was the one who had abused him. In 2018, a defamation lawsuit against Heard was filed for the article she wrote mentioning about domestic abuse. He states that this was done to violate his public image.

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Now, a new addition has occurred to the fight between the duo from Depp’s fans. His fans want Amber Heard to be removed from “Aquaman 2,” and they have also started the petition for the same. The petition states that Amber punched and abused Depp. The petition further states that as she is a proven domestic abuser, she should be removed from “Aquaman 2”.

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Both Depp and Heard were arrested in the past because of the accusations of domestic violence.  Depp claims that she has done everything to deteriorate his reputation.

Now let’s see what new twist the fans’ petition brings into the duo’s fight.

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