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Actor “Mark Wahlberg” Is Set To Portray Tom Holland’s Mentor In Upcoming Sony Movie “Uncharted”!!!

2 weeks ago

Actor Mark Wahlberg is set to join the cast of Sony’s Uncharted movie, according to the latest development in the production of the video game adaptation. Wahlberg is set to star in the film alongside Spider-Man Tom Holland actor who’s been set for a while now to play the protagonist Nathan Drake. According to this latest report from Entertainment, Wahlberg has been cast to play Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the mentor of Nathan Drake.

Previously reported, Wahlberg was in talks to play the role of Nathan Drake way back in the development history of the Uncharted movie. The casting confirmation has not been finalized, but it seems to be like him.

Source: Elle.

Those who have played the Unchatared series know that this movie will be based on the relationship between Nathan Drake and Sully that developed throughout the games. Nathan Drake is the upstart explorer who channels his inner Indiana Jones while navigating supernatural and human threats in search of discoveries while Sully serves as his mentor and a father figure to the adventurer.

Whatever story was placed in the film, it will add some extra spice to the movie. Both Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg were chosen to portray the character. But according to the cast, the finalized decision has been made, the recent media said.

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