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Pregnant 13-year-old GANG RAPED by 6 Men, COMMITS SUICIDE due to the Horror and Injustice

2 weeks ago

A 13-year-old was first abducted and then raped by six horrible men while keeping her hostage in an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.

After four days of the alleged gang-rape, the girl decided to take her own life and did the same on Friday night in Bangkok, Thailand. The girl is known by her nickname Pinkie.

Just before her suicide, it is reported that the 45-year-old mother of the victim gave the details of the victim’s suffering to the police. She told the local police that her daughter was abducted and taken hostage by several men in Khlong Toei’s Khlong Tan area on November 11.

This chilling sexual assault on the young girl had possibly left a great impact, and reports claimed that she started to suffer heavy depression. The authorities believed that the girl took her lie following the consequences of her suffering.

The local police mentioned that they had arrested two of the several suspects, and also they have found an unregistered hand-gun at the suspect’s house. The spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police mentioned that the arrested suspects would face criminal charges relating to sexual abuse. The authorities also claimed that there were two girls and two boys during the ordeal. The Thai Police have issued the arrest warrants for those involved.

The deceased 13-year-old was pregnant, and she discovered just a month before her apparent death, but she didn’t know how long had she became pregnant. The girl, before her death, reportedly posted unusual and terrifying messages on her Facebook. She reportedly posted a photo of her in distress with a caption that reads; I’m about to go!

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