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Tom Hardy drops hints that Spider Man might be joining the Venom’s sequel on Instagram and deletes it soon after.


Experts suggest that it was Tom Holland’s great performance in Spider-Man Far from home that has again revived the franchisee in the truest sense. The movie franchise of the Spider-Man was in controversy when recently Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to discontinue the making of these movies, and it was now handed over to Disney films.

But all’s well that ends well. Spider-Man has returned home, which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the next Spider-Man movie is also on the cards with Tom Holland leading the movie as Spider-Man himself. Fans are already excited about the movie, and now Tom Holland’s hints about the next one’s story have left them asking for more.


Tom Hardy, who had played Venom in one of the past installments of the franchisee of Spider-Man has recently teased fans with a look that can be attributed to the indication that he might again be asked to play the role of Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Tom Hardy posted a picture on Instagram where he was seen wearing Tom Hollands outfit of the Spider-Man, which he is portraying for Marvel Cinematic Universe. What was even more suspicious was that the actor deleted the post very soon after he had posted it on Instagram, indicating something fishy.

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The picture was not that bad, and neither was it inciting any sort of controversy that Tom Hardy was compelled to take it down from his Instagram handle. This has left fans in speculation that Tom Hardy will surely be seen in the next Spider-Man movie. As it is from months, we have been listening to rumors which state that Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man installment will be seen in combination with the sequel of the hit movie Venom. It has added fuel to the fire for those who are speculating a Tom Hardy and Tom Holland collaboration in the future.

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