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School consultant accused of having “SEX” using “TOOLS” with 11 MINORS


A school yearbook counselor in Santa Barbara was accused of having improper relationships and engaging in sexual activity with 11 teens. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that despite the charges of such horrible numbers the suspect was not pleaded guilty.


The 52-year-old Gregg Scott Ray became the person of interest to the Sherriff’s department after they got a tip from a high school teacher, alleging him for such appalling activity. The school teacher from Santa Ynez Valley High School claimed that he had heard an inappropriate conversation between the suspect and the teens. The teacher informed about his findings in March, and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office immediately started probing about the case. Disgusting Couple Arrested for Making CHILD PORNO of 2-year-old BOY

The tip was indeed accurate, and the authorities discovered the involvement of Ray in the immoral activity. They also found that the school counselor had been using an app to exchange the messages between him and the victimized teens. The police also discovered that Ray used that application to meet his victims, especially young males, and involve in illicit sexual activity. He had been using that medium for sexual contact for years.

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The suspect was finally arrested in April and was charged with lascivious acts he was involved in. The police discovered that he allegedly used a foreign object for sexual penetration towards three of his victims. He was also charged with sodomy, oral copulation, and sexual battery and endeavoring to persuade against a victim.

The number of victims has risen to 11, aged from 13 to 17 from the area around the Santa Barbara, Orange, and Fresno counties in the time-frame from 2007 to 2018.
He is currently under custody in the Santa Barbara County Jail, and $500,000 has been set for his release.

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