Entertainment Hello Lucifans! Are you ready for the next season...

Hello Lucifans! Are you ready for the next season or should I say for the last season.


Will Netflix stream season

Well, here is good news for all the lucifers. Netflix has decided to stream the last session of Lucifer. Fans were going crazy on social media, and a campaign was started.

Good news and bad news

The good news is that the next season is streaming, but it will be the last season of the show.

But here is the catch. The last season will not have ten episodes. Instead, it will have 16 events for the fans to binge on them.

Henderson and Mondrovich said that they are thankful to Netflix for letting them end the Lucifer just the way they wanted and, most importantly, the fans who show so much support and love for the show.

When will the season 5 release?

Well, we can place different bets on when the season will release, but most likely, it will stream in mid-2020.

Let’s hope we get to see the finale as soon as possible.

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Lucifers, you are not the only one who think the show should not end this soon. There is someone who has the same point of view and feels that the show is still left, and there is so much more. It is none other than Woodside -A comic con.

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Woodside said that they thought the show to be of at least six seasons. But everything has to end, and there can never be a perfect time to finish something. We will always feel that something is left.

The showrunners added that about season 5, they have lots of stuff in their minds. They said the first episode is something that will be worth watching. Every time discussion goes on about it, the first thought is that its brilliant.

They said that they are trying to make it as interesting as possible and are thinking out of the box to make sure that the fans stick around.

They assured that Lucifans wouldn’t be bored.

In season 4, Lucifer resumes his role of the king, but it is interesting to see how he didn’t let go of his good habits.

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Henderson said that they loved the idea that Lucifer has to face responsibilities, and he realized that he is a better man.

On twitter, Lucifer writers revealed the title of the first episode -“Unfortunate evil guy.”

Brandt also told that in the first episode, she would be involved in a big fight.

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So let’s see what the last season has to offer us.


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