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David Harbour’s Return as Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things Season 4’ will be Crazy & Here’s Why


The hit Sci-Fi Netflix show has recently announced its return with season 4; the announcement comes with a lot of anticipation about the next season. If you haven’t seen season 3 *SPOILER ALERT*, however, if you don’t mind spoilers, just dive right in.
Season 3 saw the coming of age of a lot of the characters on the show, in the finale episode we see the protagonists moving out of the strange town of Hawkins following the death of the much-loved Police chief Hopper, and the heart-wrenching self-sacrifice of Billy the possessed antagonist of the season; but in the world of Sci-fi can anybody truly remain dead for long?

With the announcement of next season comes the tagline, “ we are not in Hawkins anymore.” The show creators have also released the name of the first episode of the season “ The hellfire club,” which point towards the possibility of the show moving towards the new city where two of the protagonist moves. It can also be a hint towards the nether world “upside-down” to bring back the much-loved detective cum father figure chief Hopper from the dead; the possibilities are endless.

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The show has amassed massive success from the appreciation of the protagonist, including Millie Bobby Brown, who is much price for her award-winning acting, to the critically acclaimed Winona Ryders, or the now YouTube famous actor Noah Schnapp. Recent fan chatter suggests that the “American” that was briefly discussed in the final episode might actually be Hopper, who is not dead. This might also be the case with Billie, but nothing else sure about it as of yet.

With the success of the last season, the enormous talents of the cast and the creative abilities of the showrunners, the show is bound to create a lot of buzzes or more aptly turn the world upside down.

Stranger things season 4 returns to Netflix tentatively in mid to late 2021.

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