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Don’t Worry Fans because ‘Sherlock Season 5’ is not CANCELLED because Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman are returning to the show


The world may change with the times, but some things never do, whether it was a young chap from England or a teen from NYC ask them their favorite fictional Detective, and chances are the answer would be “Sherlock Holmes.”

Sherlock Holmes, a creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has most recently been reprised by Benedict Cumberbatch in the hit Series simply called “Sherlock”, of course in which as a common constant, he is accompanied by his much-loved friend cum colleague Dr. Watson. The show ended with season 4 which may very well act as the season finale we bid adieu to the super-spy and wife Mary, and Sherlock was reunited with his long lost sister. How the finale still leaves a door open for another season, on which ardent fans rest their faith on.

Don't Worry Fans because 'Sherlock Season 5' is not CANCELLED because Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman are returning to the show

Show writers Steven Moffat recently admitted that all hope is not lost and the show may come back, even Benedict Cumberbatch has previously expressed his interest in reprising his role. However co-creator Mark Gatiss has clarified that there are no immediate plans to a season 5, even Andrew Scott who plays Moriarty said that “I think everyone is kind of doing their own thing just at the moment, he goes on to add “I know Stephen and Mark have version of “Dracula”  which I’m looking forward to seeing.

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As of now, there are no trailers or Official release date for the show. But all hope is not lost, the show has ardent fans which if made consistent demands like they did with “Lucifer” may bring back the show from dead, much hinges on the reports of the creative decisions are there are some definitive storylines the showrunner has in mind if the show is indeed remade. Till then it is a game of waiting and watching and hoping that the much-loved crime-solving, murder loving, handsome eccentric genius that we all have grown up watching and loving may come back with another mystery to solve.

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