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“You” Season 2 CONFIRMED: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything you need to know.


“You” returns for a second season, this time transitioning from a Lifetime series to a Netflix original. After season 1 was streamed on Netflix, it expanded the wings of the cult fan following for the series.

Release Date

“You” season 2 is scheduled for a Netflix release on 26th December 2019. For all of those who don’t have other plans around Christmas can grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the latest installment of the psychological thriller. The official trailer is already out, and it seems like our resident sociopathic stalker is back in business.


This season is based on “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes. Joe shifts cities, and in a bid to start life, afresh changes his identity alongside his location. All is for naught as he falls again for another lady. This time it’s Love Quinn- a decidedly “different” personality than Beck, in showman Sera Gamble’s words to Lad Bible. Joe will take on a slightly different approach, and accordingly, their interactions would probably take a unique shape of their own. Here is to hoping that the sociopathic anti-hero we both cheer and jeer for will be back and deliver a narrative as gripping as season one.

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The new season brings in a plethora of new faces to the show. Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn and James Scully as her brother Forty- a drug-addict slash screenwriter, both of whom will be central to the grand scheme of things in the new season. Ambyr Childers‘ character has been bumped up to a regular cast member position. Adwin Brown and Robin Lord Taylor have been cast as Calvin and Will, respectively- both of whom are recurring characters in season 2. Carmela Zumbado has been added to the lineup as Delilah Alves. Marielle Scott and  Chris D’Elia had been cast in the recurring roles of Lucy and Henderson, respectively.  Charlie Barnett as Gabe, Melanie Field as Sunrise, and Magda Apanowicz as Sandy were also added to cast. On another note, John Stamos was confirmed to be back as Dr. Nicky for another salvo.


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