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12-year-old BULLIED So MUCH that he KILLED himself just for Being GAY, School Authorities Did Nothing


A boy in New Jersey took his own life after being subjected to constant bullying and poking by his classmates. The boy was bullied and harassed just because he was gay, and now the victim’s mother is suing the local district school in the connection of her son’s death in 2017.

The suit filed by the mother mentioned that 12-year-old Tristan Peterson revealed to his mates at Woodruff Middle School in Bridgeton in 2017. The boy died due to suicide in December the same year after being bullied again and again inside the school premises.

Marcy Peterson, the kid’s mother, claimed that her son was forced to end his life due to the tenacious period of bullying and harassment. The lawsuit was filed against the school and the Upper Deerfield School District for negligence and creating a hostile learning environment at the school. The litigation also has accused the institution of breaching the state’s discrimination law. The lawsuit that was filed in October in state Superior Court in Cumberland County demands a jury trial and compensation.

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The suit also mentioned that various staff at the school was about the abhorrent bullying, but they ignored that. One staff member even witnessed another student at the school threating the boy, just a day before his death. The boy had reported about the bullying to his mother, and they both approached the school’s administration with complaints. But the suit claims that the school didn’t try to look after their complaints and they even didn’t attempt anything to stop such happenings.

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The school and the Upper Deerfield School District haven’t responded to the litigation yet. When the outlets reached out to District Superintendent, Peter Koza, he denied talking about that.

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