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Spiderman Director Sam Raimi making a new evil dead movie starring Bruce Campbell.


With the Grudge in theatres this weekend, Director-Producer Sam Raimi is quite firm on wanting to add a film to the Evil dead Franchise with actor Bruce Campbell.

But the big question here is whether or not Bruce Campbell’s Ash would return. It seems like the actor has decided to retire the character of Ash Williams.

In a recent tweet, Sam Raimi quoted that he is working with a young filmmaker, who is busy writing a new Evil Dead story that he would direct. The producer also stated that he would love to work with actor Bruce Campbell, who has already decided on retiring the character, which the producer hopes is not valid.

Just a few months ago, Bruce Campbell, too, stated on how a new team was selected to refresh the Evil Dead saga for a new era of horror-comedy. He also noted that Raimi had himself chosen a director to work with on the film. Even a fresh ‘not so sucking ‘ batch of actors was promised by Campbell.

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And who could have imagined that the Scrappy horror flick of 1981, The Evil Dead would have released a franchise that the fans would still be obsessed with even in 2020?

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In a recent Reddit AMA promotion of the new version of the Grudge, Director Sam Raimi announced that an original Evil Dead was currently under the work. The Director- Producer even openly stated his wish that actor Bruce Campbell might decide to un-retire the character of Ash. If that happens, there is a fair probability that Raimi and Bruce may team up on the project and that the latter would himself direct the Evil Dead Franchise.

Only around a couple of months ago, Raimi and his collaborator were throwing around the ideas of considering continuing the Bruce Campbell starring original Evil Dead timeline and/or making a sequel to Fede Alvarez’s 2013 remake of Evil Dead that starred Jane Levy.

But as per the announcements of a new writer/director coming on board with the Evil Dead, it seems like the plans have taken a turn for a new story. But questions on the same still hang around like, will the new flick continue the storyline from Alvarez’s loose remake, or will it be a new series that adapts the same title and remixes the story yet again?

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