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Woman KIDNAPPED by man in BROAD DAYLIGHT & Everyone IGNORED her


On broad daylight, a man in Alabama kidnapped a woman at knifepoint and pushed forcibly into his white van. The nasty kidnapper was later arrested by the Brookside police following the hard-fought standoff and chase with the suspect.

The Brookside Police Officers were tipped off about the violent kidnapping by a witness who noticed a woman being shoved into a white van on Sunday afternoon. The witness also saw the woman yelling for help, and also she had bled over her face and head. She was in absolute horror and screamed that the kidnapper was going to kill him.

The witness showed his great civilian duty by following the suspect car and assisted 911 with important info like vehicle number and its direction.

Police versus Kidnapper

The Brookside patrol officers noticed a white van passing through a local church. When they tried to stop the vehicle, the suspect allegedly increased the speed of the van.

The officers then called additional units for assistance to capture the vile perpetrator. They, at one point, blocked the vehicle and discovered an injured young woman being held without her will. When the officers conducted a rolling roadblock, the suspect allegedly tried to run over a police officer. But the officer didn’t let that happen after he shot the van and stopped it.

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The officers tried to make the suspect surrender for about half an hour, but he was not yet ready to surrender and had held the victim at his knifepoint. The officers later succeeded to apprehend the criminal and save the victim.

However, the victim was in stable condition but was hospitalized to cure her injuries. Few officers, too, were injured during the standoff but were treated at the scene.

The Brookside Police Department has identified the violent suspect as Sean E. Sanders, who is from Los Angeles. He has been held at the Jefferson County jail on a $191,000 bond. The charges against the man are criminal mischief, kidnapping, attempt to murder, and willingly running over a police officer, to which he admitted to his crime.

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