Entertainment "Mass Effect Andromeda" Is Certainly Not Dead: A "Sequel"...

“Mass Effect Andromeda” Is Certainly Not Dead: A “Sequel” Is In Development!!!


Mass effect Andromeda bombed, and there’s no hiding it. It bombed so bad that reportedly, the whole series was put on hold back in 2017. But BioWare hasn’t given up on the franchise. It’s being said that a new Mass Effect game is in development, and we think it is the sequel to the infamous, Mass effect Andromeda.

BioWare has previously insisted that the series hasn’t been abandoned. Gamble said in 2018 that “Mass Effect is certainly not dead,” and earlier this year, producer Mark Darrah said, “We’re definitely not done with Mass Effect,” a sentiment echoed by studio general manager Casey Hudson.

The game is said to be in very early development, which could mean a lot of things. Maybe it’s just an idea as of yet. Or maybe it is an office rumor. Maybe it’s being developed as this article is being written, or maybe it’s just something that pops in their heads once in a while.

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Whatever it is, the studio has its hands full as of yet with it’s the latest addition to the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age 4.

Whatever the studio meant by ‘very early development,’ the game is bound to return sooner or later. Mass effect is a very successful enterprise, and it would be a shame to kill this hen that still lays golden eggs once in a while. If for nothing else, the series will return for the profits sooner or later. But hey, until then, we have the Mass Effect Andromeda, as a symbol of what happens when games are rushed(seriously, that game was a blasphemy).

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