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Pedophile Killer RAPED a girl on ‘Sidewalk’ in broad daylight, Nobody did NOTHING


A child near Norwood Elementary School was brutally raped and molested by a 24-year-old man on the footpath by the basketball fields of the school. The incident took place on December 2nd in Dundalk, Maryland, in broad daylight. The rapist is identified as Royal Jamar Robert Quinn, who has previously been charged with murder. 

Just a few days ago, Quinn was caught on cam creeping into a school and raping a child. He attacked a child in the basketball fields of Norwood Elementary school and later fled the scene. Although the child does not belong to Norwood Elementary, still he/ she decided to run inside the school and report the horrors that he had to face, to the authorities of the school.

 Authorities have not publicly revealed the details of the child, (Name, Age, Gender, Locality, Parents, other details) due to security reasons. The Dundalk Police Department reported that the victim was attacked near a basketball field in the footpath at Norwood Elementary School by a man who later fled the scene.

 Footage recorded in the surveillance camera helped The Dundalk Police Department to identify the culprit who was wearing dark clothes from head to toe to be Quinn. Man GUNNED Down Woman coz she "Honked her Horn", he just wanted to 'Scare her'

Quinn was charged with second-degree rape, a count of a third-degree sex offense, Kidnapping charges, assault theft, robbery, and false imprisonment. Quinn has a large history of committing crimes. In 2013, Quinn was charged with murder as beat up, and he fatally stabbed a 22-year-old man named Jerod Gilmore, who was later found by the authorities to be lying dead on the floor, according to The Baltimore Sun. After he was charged with murder, Quinn pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and the use of a deadly weapon and had to serve a sentence of three years and nine months in jail. 

However, the current case in which Quinn is charged with rape and the kidnapping of a child is still pending, and the court of law is yet to decide a proper sentence for the atrocities that he has committed.

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