Top Trending Uber Driver RAPED DRUNK Passenger, Says She was "Too...

Uber Driver RAPED DRUNK Passenger, Says She was “Too TEMPTING”


A woman who was intoxicated after having a heck of drinks with her friends and decided to go to her house in an Uber, lesser she knew that she would be a victim of something horrific. The Uber driver, who should have dropped the woman safely at her doorstep, instead he committed a horrible crime of taking advantage of the vulnerable and satisfying his sinful pleasure.

The woman had reportedly passed out after entering the 32-year-old Alonso Calle’s car. When he noticed that the woman had fallen asleep, he decided to have sex with her. Somehow, the woman gained her consciousness and woke off in the middle of the act and found herself having sex with the Uber driver.

The woman then visited the police department and reported the driver for sexually assaulting her. Calle was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of a rape attempt. During interrogation, the driver admitted that he had sex with the woman at McDermott Park in Fontana.

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Uber Driver RAPED DRUNK Passenger, Says She was "Too TEMPTING"

But the driver’s narration of the encounter was different. He reported to the police that he was offered for sex by the highly intoxicated woman. She actually felt upset in the middle of the act and demanded she is dropped out of the car, and he alleged that she said something about being sexually assaulted.

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Before being arrested, the driver had already reported the police department that he had consensual sex with a woman, who was drunken, and she might tell them that she had been sexually assaulted. The officials from the ride-sharing company confirmed that Calle had been terminated from being able to work and drive with Uber from then.

Calle was kept at West Valley Detention Center, but as of now, he has been released on bail (undisclosed amount.) While the investigators are claiming that they have a handful of evidence that supports the victim’s story. It’s unclear that the defendant has an attorney or not.

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