Deadpool 3 release date, cast, plot and details fans need to know; New Story but with a Longer Wait

[Update] 'Deadpool 3' Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Who Will Join "X Force" This Time?

Marvel Studios are gearing up for the third part of Deadpool. The American superhero film series is based on the popular Marvel Comics character of the same name. The first Deadpool movie released in the year 2016, while the second released in 2018.

Plot for Deadpool 3

The first part was about a mercenary, Wade Wilson, who wants to take revenge from Ajax. He is a twisted scientist who experiments on Wade to cure him of cancer and gives him healing powers. The experiment results in Wade disfigured. The second part focuses on time- traveling. Deadpool rescues Russell, a young mutant from the authorities, and thrown into prison. He manages to escape and form a team of mutants to stop the time-traveling mercenary from killing Russell.

The third part of the movie series will explore some fresher and newer aspects and dimensions of the story.

Deadpool 3: Expected Release Date

The first and second parts of the film series released with a two- year gap in between them. Ryan Reynolds once said that working on such type of films is a slow process. It was in December 2019, that Ryan Reynolds confirmed, that a Deadpool 3 is being developed in the Marvel Studios. It is expected that the movie will be ready for release somewhere around February 2022.

The cast of the movie

Apart from Ryan Reynolds, who is the spine of the Deadpool movie series, the third part might have some other actors joining the film. There is a chance that there will be either Morena Baccarin or Zazie Beets. Ryan has expressed that he would like to see Hugh Jackman in the movie, but this time, not as Wolverine. Dwayne Johnson has also shown interest in becoming a part of the film.

Who will join the X force this time? 

The combat style of the X force is more militant and aggressive. We can expect new members in the X force, but it would still be too early for a prediction like that.