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The Crown Season 4 primer with all you need to know: PLOT, RELEASE DATE and CASTING news


After three sensational seasons, The Crown is set to return this year with Season 4. More political drama and intrigue beckons as we list all you need to know about the fourth installment of the show.

Release Date: When will it be released?

Currently, Netflix has not confirmed when the series will make a comeback. However, some estimates suggest Season 4 should be out this year by November or December.

Cast: Who shall cut for “The Crown” Season 4?

Claire Foy and Matt Smith, after a long time, will return for Season 4.Major players in the royal game- Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret), Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles), and Erin Doherty ( Princess Anne) are also set to return to play their respective roles.

Emma Corrin will star as Princess Diana and has been spotted shooting sequences with  O’Connor.

Gillian Anderson of the Sex Education fame has been cast as Margaret Thatcher.

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Matt Smith and Claire Foy in the first two seasons of The Crown, Credit:Jason Bell, The Times
Matt Smith and Claire Foy in the first two seasons of The Crown, Credit: Jason Bell, The Times

PLOT: What events will we see in Season 4?

Many have speculated that the new season will cover the late 70s to 90s. Thus, the show will most probably also include a spate of royal weddings, including that of Prince Charles to Princess Diana and Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson.

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We have heard it through the grapevine that Charles and Diana’s Australia tour of 1983 is almost a lock-in to be covered. The cast has been photographed in outfits matching the originals.

There are speculations abound that season 4 will also feature Apartheid in South Africa, the Falklands War of 1982, and the miners’ strike of 1984-5. This implies that Prince Andrew, in particular, would be in focus due to his involvement in the army and Falklands.

The assassination of Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance) will be almost most likely to be covered in the season as well. Considering that Foy will also make an appearance in what appears to be a flashback around the time when she made her 21st birthday speech in her tour of South Africa- the queen might be in a reflective mood.

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