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fab five are back with queer eye season 5: here is everything you should be knowing.


‘Queer Eye for the straight guy’ is an American reality television series and is released on Netflix. The show calls attention to the team of gay professionals in the fields of fashion, personal grooming, interior designing, entertaining and culture, which are collectively known as “fab five”.
Season 1 was released on 7 February 2018, followed by season 2 on June 15, 2018. Season 3 came out on 15 March 2015, followed by season 4 on 19 July 2019, with a special name, “Yass Australia!” .Fab five came with a special name, ‘We’re in Japan!’ on November 9, 2019. The show has won many Emmy awards.
Netflix has confirmed the production of the fifth season of the show, but the official date is not yet announced. We can expect the fifth season between February to April 2020 by looking at the pattern of previous seasons.
In this season original cast of ‘Fab Five’ is returning with their incredible skills. This includes Antoni Porowski as a food and wine expert, Tan France as a fashion expert, Karamo Brown as a culture and lifestyle expert, Bobby Berk as a design expert, and Jonathan Van Ness as a grooming expert.
It is confirmed that this season would be filmed in a very surprising location, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Previous seasons were filmed in Kansas City and Atlanta, but this time fab five went to the east coast.
Season 5 is expected to be much different from the past four seasons. They have successfully conquered the lives of people in the two cities, and this season, they are all set for the third city, which will be for sure heroic.
After the four seasons of self-love, self-improvement, self-reflection, and self-care, season 5 will soon be back with heroes in need of few changes in their lives and involving positivity in the lives of others.

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