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Netflix Hit ‘Bojack Horseman’ To End After Season 7. Or Is it cancelled? See who decided the end for the show.


Netflix hit ‘Bojack Horseman will no longer be available after season seven. Read more to know who decided to end the show.


BoJack Horseman is an American animated Comedy series that streams exclusively on Netflix. It is an adult comedy show stars a humanoid horse lost in its booze. The creator of the show is Raphael Bob- Waksberg The show was first aired in August 2014.

More about the Previous Seasons:

The main reason the show gained more attention is that it showcases problems. Such as racism, depression, anxiety, trauma, mental health problem which is a catchy subject to talk about when comes to human behaviour. The show projects Surreal Humour, which engages more audience to watch the show.

The series is mainly for adults depicting problems an average human being has. But animatedly and characterizing a humanoid horse instead of an actual human being. The character seems to be very ‘relatable’ among the youth as it shows the dark side of being an adult. And how many untold problems an adult goes through.

The show depicts all adult’s problems like mental problems, panic, anxiety, sarcastically, and comically. Thus adults find the show relieving in a way to watch. Something so relatable and comedy at the same time and forget about all the problems for a specified period.

A Journey Of Six Seasons

The show has completed six seasons. Overall in those six seasons, the show has completed 69 episodes. From 2014 to present, they did very well to keep its audience binding to the show and attract for of them. The show. According to Raphael Bob- Waksberg, the creator of the show, “Will Arnet, the voice behind the character BoJack Horseman. Arnet himself sometimes creates punches and lines for the character on the show.” According to Raphael, “Arnet is a great dramatic actor and knows very well how to play in-between emotions. Without Arnet, the success of the would-be less as to what it is now.” Said in an interview.

Season 7 announcement

The sixth and final season of the series is divided into two parts. The first half of eight episodes was premiered on Netflix on October 25, 2019, and the second half of the season consisting of eight episodes will be premiered on January 31, 2019.

According to the team, the sixth season was the final season for the show, and there will be no further seasons. Netflix decided to put the show to an end. Hence respecting the decision, the show has come to an end.

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