Entertainment Doctor strange is coming for you. So be ready...

Doctor strange is coming for you. So be ready to know its cast, release date and plot


Doctor stranger was one of the best movies in the Hollywood world. The first movie was being launched in the year of 2016. The movie was best known for its strong plot and the dialogues of the characters.

This movie is highly recommended, and you will like it. So not gear up your sear belt because the next news which is coming to will give you happiness. The director of Doctor stranger Scott Derrickson is coming up with a new movie named Dictor stranger in Multiverse of Madness.

The plot of This movie will be different, and you will definitely like this movie also. Similar to the first movie.

Release date of Doctor Stranger in Multiverse Madness

This year, it has been told that the movie is in progress. Most probably, the release date of Doctor Stranger in Multiverse Madness will be declared in 2021 on the 7th of May.

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Isn’t a piece of fantastic news, your favorite character, Doctor stranger, is coming for you to blow your mind to the next level.

Who will be the casts of the 2nd part?

The main actor who will be playing the character of Doctor Stephen Strange, named Benedict Cumberbatch, is again returning in this part. Apart from the lead role, the other character will be Elizabeth Olsen, Rachel McAdams, and Baron Mordo.

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In the main lead as a villain, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be playing. Apart from all these actors, the other actors who will be playing are unknown. We will know about them once the film gets released.

The main plot of doctor Stranger in Multiverse MadnessĀ 

In the first part, we have seen that Stephen Strange, who was neurosurgeons. Who has lost his ability to use his hand for the surgery

In this, it may be the continuity of the first part. He will be seen experimenting on the Time Stone. This season is new, so the story will also be unique. In this second part, you will experience the horror genre.

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