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The Haunting House of hills season 2 is coming up with the new name. Just look it out.


The Haunting of Hill House was very much successful in the year 2018. The series was all of the horrors, and you will get lots of brain-twisting scenes.

When the series was launched, the IMDB rating was 8.7 out of 10, and it was 93% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. The Haunting of Hill House consists of 10 episodes. It consists of all the entertaining horror genre that includes drama, occult fiction, and Horror fiction.

The series got so much famous that it has also got lots of awards. One of the best awards it has got is the MTV movie award for the most frightened performance. The first season was little confusion series, but then also the viewers liked this series.

release date of The haunting of Hill House season 2

The first release of The Haunting of Hill House season 1 was released in the year of 2018. When the first season was so much success at that time, makers noted that they would come with the second season.

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But the exact release date of The Haunting of Hill season 2 is not being declared. But it is a hope that it will soon be released. This is because the filming of the series is also done.

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It is a new season, so the makers have decided to enter a new name for the second season. That includes The Hainting of Bly Manor. We will know about the new title once the flim date is bein told.

Who will be the casts of the Haunting House of Hill season 2

The Haunting house of Hill season 2 is a new season. So there will be a new house. So the main question arises about the casts. It has been noted that the actors of the new season will be the same as the first season.

The casts include Oliver Jackson Cohen, Henry Thomas, and Kate Seigal. Apart from all these casts, there may be other casts who will be included. But we will know about them once the series gets released.

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