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COVID-19 Cure Found: Everything You Need To know About The Deadly Virus Cure!! Tests on Humans Started!!


The Coronavirus Disease 2019 is an infectious disease, officially known as COVID-19. The single-stranded RNA virus, SARS-CoV-2 cause it. The outbreak of this viral disease was first observed in Wuhan, China. Over the past few months, it spread to other parts of the world, Italy being the most affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this outbreak as a pandemic. More than 6,000 deaths and 1,69,000 confirmed cases of infected persons have been reported worldwide due to this outbreak. The symptoms of the disease resemble that of the flu. This includes fever, dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, nausea, headache, and chills. The highly infectious coronavirus gets spread through droplets exchanged between people from coughs and sneezes.

The important question that arises is: What remains the probability of curing the deadly disease?

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As the worldwide death toll goes on increasing day by day, researchers and doctors from all over are engaged in finding a cure for the deadly disease. So far, 293 clinical trials have been performed in order to find a solution to this. Out of the 293 drugs that were used for testing, only one stood out with a comparatively positive result. It was Remdesivir, and an anti-drug produced to fight the Ebola outbreak. WHO Assistant Director-General Bruce Aylward mentioned that “There is only one drug right now that we think may have real efficacy and that’s Remdesivir.”  With respect to suitable vaccines, it is revealed that it will take more than a year to make one. But we can surely expect it.

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Countries all over, India included, are fighting to suspend further spread of the virus. Most countries are inhibiting public gatherings, and travel services. It is indeed a time to be highly cautious and very safe.

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