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Riverdale Season 5: Release date, cast and plot. Everything you need to know about the upcoming season!


Riverdale is one of the most popular TV series; regardless, it’s not so great rating in IMDb. This series of drama, mystery, and romance became a cultural hit among the millennials. The story is based on Archie’s Comics. The show first aired in 2017, and it been four great seasons since. But will there be a 5th season?

Release date of Riverdale Season 5

Great news! The CW recently confirmed that there would be a season 5 of Riverdale. Although not yet confirmed about the release dates, the gang is presumed to return in October of 2020. Since Riverdale was streamed in Netflix, the popularity grew even more.

The cast Riverdale Season 5

Usually, it is pretty easy to assume that the main cast will surely return for the next season. But for Riverdale, nothing can be said with a guarantee.

Still, we can assume that KJ Apa as Archie, Lili Reinhart, as Betty, and Camila Mendes as Veronica should return in season 5. Cole Sprouse’s character Jughead is one of the main cast, but it is not sure whether the character will return or not. It is a mystery that is still left for us to uncover.

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The plot of Riverdale Season 5

Fan theories are being made about the happenings in season 5. Till now, no news about the plotline of season 5 has been shared. After season 4 ends, there will be a better understanding of what is to come in season 5.

It is highly speculated that there may be a time jump of about four years in the future. Few of the cast members have somewhat confirmed this speculation by posting about it in their social media accounts. With no official news or announcements, we can only make guesses on what can happen in season 5.

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