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Wonder Woman 1984: Release date, cast and plot. Is Steve Trevor returning? Latest updates!


There have been many DC movies to date, but there are only a few which enhance women’s empowerment. Although the women characters of DC movies are strong enough to admire yet, there are only a few, upon who’s name a whole film got its title. One such film is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a DC movie based upon a comic book that had the same title, written by William Moulton Marston.

The first part of this movie released in 2017 and is coming with its sequel in 2020. The sequel of Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman 1984, a Warner Bros Picture. Patty Jenkins directs this sequel. This superhero, ups! I mean superheroine film was written by Geoff Johns, David Callaham, and Patty Jenkins.

Wonder Woman 1984 release date

The first part of the movie released on 2 June 2017. Just after the release of the first part, there were many discussions started about the sequel. Later on, at the end of the same month, confirmed news came that Warner Bros will be making its sequel as the first part earned around $820 million worldwide. The sequel, that is, Wonder Woman 1984 is coming in theatres on 5 June 2020. It was previously getting released on 13 December 2019, but it shifted in 2020. The movie will be released in Real D 3D and in IMAX 3D.

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But are we really getting this movie on time? We all are totally aware of COVID 19 and the things happening all around. Due to this, all the theatres, movie halls, malls, and most public places have been shut down. So if COVID 19 will not get under control till May, there are chances that Wonder Women will be not be released in theatres but only on VOD.

Wonder Woman 1984 plot and do we see Steve Trevor again?

The plotline of this sequel is different from the earlier version. But we will see a lot of actions in this part as well. Diana will have a conflict with two new foes, that is, Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. In this conflict, Diana will be reuniting with her past lover Steve Trevor.

Yes, you heard it right! In the trailer of Wonder Woman 1984, released on 9 December 2019, we saw Steve coming back with a bang. We will be seeing him fighting hand in hand with Diana against the two foes.

Wonder Woman, Gal

Wonder Woman 1984 cast

Most of the cast are almost same as that of the first part. They are – Gal Gadot as Diana Prince or most famously, Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevon, Robin Wright as Antiope, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta. As I wrote earlier that we would see two foes, Kristen Wiig, as Barbara Ann Minerva or Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord or Max.

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This is an exciting cast indeed! With a cast as good as this, we believe that the movie will be worth the wait!


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