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When is the season 2 of the famous anime series Vinland Saga going to be released on Amazon Prime Video.


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One of the best anime series is going to come with some new thriller.

Anime web television series Vinland Saga is an Adventure, historical fiction. Directed by Shūhei Yabuta. Produced by Naokado Fujiwara, Yōko Ueda, Mitsuhiro Sugita. Now the show is coming with season two.

Creator Makoto Yukimura has aired 24 episodes of Vinland Saga, which has gained lots of love among anime fans. The release of the 25th episode is going to be an enormous burster of the fans as they are patiently waiting for Thorfinn.


In the last episode of Vinland Saga, we came to know that Askeladd, the killer of king Sweyn died. Now Thorfinn is left with no motive in his life; thus, he distanced himself from Prince Canute.
Now in the 25 episodes, Thorfinn is going to be sold as a slave to Ketil, owner of farmland. As Askeladd died, our hero, Thorfinn, had no mission for his life, so in the coming episode, we can expect that Thorfinn may get a reason for his life. Do we hope that he may get something precious a lover? New master?

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With the newer plot, there is going to be more action, thrill, and bloodshed on the screen.

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Rumor says that season 2 has got its renewal, but no official statement has been seen.

Anime news leaker, Spytrue, is claiming that “Vinland [Saga] S2 is on the pipeline.”

Release date

There has been no release date yet, but Vinland is expected to, around April 2021. Because studio at least needs a year to complete the upcoming anime.
Viewers can watch all 24 episodes on PrimeVideo.

The officials have released no official trailer or teaser, so fans have to wait a bit long for it.

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