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Lucifer Season 5: Release date, plot, cast and will Eve be back with Maze? Latest updates!


The devil of his world is back for a new season, which might as well be the final season.’ The show got rescued by Netflix after Fox decided to cancel the show after the third season because of its low ratings. Thanks to the enormous fan who wanted to see Tom Ellis driving first generation 1962 Chevrolet Corvette in the streets of LA, charming woman with the alluring aristocratic accent, that season 5 is finally happening!

The release date of Lucifer Season 5

Filming began on September 7, 2019. According to the resources, the season will have 16 episodes in season 5. It is divided into two parts, the first eight episodes will be released first, and then the rest of the eight episodes would be aired after a delay. The exact release date is yet to be announced, but a fair bet could be this summer i.e., May 2020.

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The plot of Lucifer Season 5

The show follows a bored and unhappy Lord of the Hell who decides to resign his throne of Hell and leaves his kingdom for the earth in search of a more opulent and exciting life. He starts a nightclub called Lux in Los Angeles, but destiny gets him involved in a murder case, and as a result, he gets invited to join as a consultant in LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department).

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In Twitter, the official Lucifer Writers Room account has confirmed that the first episode will go by the title ‘Really Sad Devil Guy.’ That shouldn’t come out as a surprise, given that the last season left off with an enticing kiss and Lucifer returning to Hell to take up his responsibility as the king.

The cast of Lucifer Season 5

On the positive side, this could mean fans might see episodes involving Lucifer’s dad, and sources say that it would be played by Dennis Haysbert. A duet has also been promised between Lucifer and his eternal sidekick and confidante, Mazikeen. On the contrary, Hell could be more promising than earth for Lucifans!

Inbar Lavi will be back as Eve for season 5, so all the Maze-Eve shippers could see Maze and Eva reuniting their budding love for each other. In addition to this, Lucifer is also getting a black and white retro episode set in the 1940s and a full-blown musical episode as well.HELL, yes!

Until summer and the big awaited premier of the ‘sad devil guy,’ here’s a link for fans to relax and listen to all their favorite songs from Lucifer:

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