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All The Potential Theories Combined About Masked Singer Contestant Identities.


The Masked Singer has come up with a new season and 18 new celebrity contestants. For this latest season, producers of the show decided to divide the 18 contestants up into three groups of six — Group A, B, and C. The first three episodes of season 3 reduced Group A to only three singers — Kangaroo, White Tiger, and Turtle. Group B followed suit, and now only Banana, Kitty, and Frog are left in the competition. Now, it’s Group C’s turn to impress the audience and try to earn one of the top three spots. Then, the remaining nine contestants from all three groups will go against each other until the winner of the Golden Mask Trophy is revealed. As of now, due to elimination, we are aware of the true identities of the eliminated celebrities. They include Sarah Palin, Tom Bergeron, Dionne Warwick, Tony Hawk, Chaka Khan, Drew Carey, and Lil Wayne. We are yet to know the identities of 11 masked celebrities. Let us take a look at the theories we have compiled for some of them.

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Who Is The Night Angel?

Night Angel’s costume boasts many vibrant colors, similar to how Jeffree loves to use in his palettes and makeup tutorials. Leslie Jones is also an option, given that she’s been a massive fan of the show for a while now.

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Who Is T Rex?

 The internet has it down to Tori Kelly and Simone Biles so far. Tori’s name emerged because she allegedly canceled a U.S. tour right when Masked Singer Season 3 tapings started to take place. Then again, Simone’s energy and height made some fans think T-Rex is her.

Who Is Rhino?

The top guesses are John Travolta and Bret McKenzie. But nothing definitive can be said at this point.

Who Is Kitty?

If you know Elizabeth Gillies’s voice, you know it sounds pretty similar to Kitty’s. But then again, Sabrina Carpenter’s vocals also sound like Kitty’s and the actress’s role in Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirate’s Christmas also seems to be a pretty good match.

Who Is Turtle?

 As the Turtle has a strong rocker vibe with their signature dark hair and black leather jackets. The top guesses are Jesse McCartney, Adam Lambert, and Billie Joe Armstrong.

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