Top Trending Digital marketing in Singapore: current trends

Digital marketing in Singapore: current trends


The field of digital marketing in Singapore is changing at a rapid pace, making it more
challenging for businesses to say updated on the latest trends and standards in the industry.

Based on a recent analysis, 76% of those in the digital marketing industry believe that the
industry has transformed more in the past two years than over the past fifty. It is also getting more competitive, with more businesses hopping on the bandwagon of digital marketing and spending thousands of dollars to build an online presence.

Segmented email campaigns

In segmented email campaigns, email subscribers are split into smaller groups based on
interests, geographical location and where they stand within the conversion funnel. With the help of machine learning, companies can now sieve through a vast amount of user data to gain insights on their audience’s interests and expectations.

The emails under segmented email campaigns are opened at a rate that is 14.32% higher than traditional email campaigns. Furthermore, more than 80% of Singapore’s population frequently use the internet to source for information. As such, segmented email campaigns have been proven to generate results for Singaporean businesses.

According to Marketing Charts, the ideal time to dispatch emails is from four to eight p.m., when people usually have free time to go through and respond to emails. Focus on providing content that is useful to the audience, or your emails might get moved into spam.

Social media marketing

Singapore is one of the countries with the highest mobile penetration rate globally and 70% of Singaporeans rely on mobile devices to connect with others through social media. So far,
Facebook ranks first out of all social media platforms used by locals, with 72% of Singaporeans active on the platform.

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Businesses in Singapore have leveraged these facts, implementing social media marketing
strategies to boost sales of their products and services. As the number of social media users here is projected to increase, even more, more businesses are expected to start their own social media campaigns. Furthermore, this means an increased demand for the production of social media ads, leading to a demand for graphic designers capable of producing quality design. The number of influencers is also expected to increase as well.

The rise of content marketing

Being able to produce quality content is always a challenge for every business, especially in an age where customers are much sharper and demanding about the kind of content they want to consume online. According to a Marketing Profs survey, 72% of digital marketers around the world said that producing relevant content was the way to effective SEO.

Digital marketing in Singapore: current trends

The majority of brands from Singapore or any other country around the world have about a
quarter to slightly less than half their budget on the production of content. Those who make use of effective content marketing strategies can easily generate revenue, especially when their customers educate themselves about their products before actually visiting the website or business.

Content marketing is an even more powerful tool for business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, generating corporate sales for them. The majority of these businesses use the two most frequently used social media platforms in Singapore — Pinterest and Facebook — as avenues to release content to their target audience.


Another tactic that is gaining popularity in Singapore is integrated content marketing. One way to illustrate this marketing strategy would be a company handing out invites to its customers, investors and even students to visit their site. This is to educate them on the company’s inner workings and history and as such build a trust-based relationship with potential customers and investors.

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Content marketing is both cost-effective and powerful. As cited from Demand Metric, content marketing campaigns cost 62% less than conventional digital marketing strategies, with the former producing three times more leads.


For those running an e-commerce website, customer service is an important part of your
business. But most people are unaware of the fact that customers may not be comfortable
speaking to a real person, even if it is through email. Fortunately, chatbots are available to help customers get detailed and accurate responses to their questions in real-time, without the fuss of contacting a support assistant.

Since it makes use of AI technology, chatbots can handle customer queries with efficiency and accuracy. This also minimizes the chances of mishaps that might occur during conversations

with the support team. According to Grand View Research, a recent analysis has shown that the chatbot market will rise to $1.25 billion by 2025. The current growth rate per year is 24.3%.

Vertical videos

You already know the effectiveness of using videos to convey messages to your target
audiences. Although videos used to be seen as just a small part of digital marketing in
Singapore, recent analysis has shown that people are now spending hundreds of hours
watching videos. It thus makes sense that businesses start planning new marketing strategies just on videos alone.

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Digital marketing in Singapore: current trends

Among global rankings, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, indicating that video content will continue to open up many opportunities for businesses to market themselves and their products.

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In June 2018, Instagram released IGTV to present vertical videos on its platform. One of the strengths of IGTV is that it enables content creators to come up with videos that are lengthier, as well as videos that incorporate animation, interviews, tutorials, live streams and many more. If you’re a business in Singapore looking to come up with a digital marketing strategy, consider using vertical IGTV videos to gain an edge over your competitors.


To sum things up, digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. Businesses are setting aside bigger budgets to run various campaigns, be it email marketing, content, or social media marketing.

As the online population increases, it makes sense for businesses to hop on this trend in order to connect with and persuade consumers to buy their products. Remember to keep a lookout for the latest trends in the industry to avoid falling behind, and consider employing professional digital marketers to build and run effective campaigns for you, such as First Digital, an expert digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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